The science of supercharged hydro.

chemical structure of cannabis nutrients

The ingredients up the standard.

Food grade. Pharmaceutical grade. Technical grade. All of our nutrient inputs are carefully sourced from our home in San Diego, as well as curated origins from around the world to maximize results in every aspect of plant growth. Your air and water supply meet the basic needs of carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen. Our formulated nutrient blend gives your crop everything it needs to hit the next level.

organic cannabis fertilizer

The process sharpens the performance.

Our lab is where we refine our products to the most precise degree. Using proprietary micronizing and homogenizing equipment, every batch is stress tested for maximum consistency and purity. Deep chemical analysis ensures the cleanest product available, and that prime ingredients are immediately bioavailable for plant uptake.

flowering stage fertilizer

The difference is in the bloom.

With the right nutrition, hydroponics grow up to 30 – 50 percent faster than they do in soil. Because our fertilizer blend into a super fine powder, the ready-to-use mixture maximizes solubility and guarantees the freshest nutrients enhance the grow, right from the start. Highly specialized and completely unique to any other product on the market, our powder is designed to be the only base you need to boost production for the entire lifespan of the plant.

The proof is in the powder.

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