Take your grow to the next level.

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Get that extra get up and grow.

It’s finally here. The first ever two-in-one soluble plant food and probiotic. Upping your potency per pound has never been this easy.

  • More value per feed.

    Combining the growing power of VEG+BLOOM, STAX, and +LIFE, this simplifies everything.

  • More chemistry per bottle.

    It all comes together to maximize mineral uptake for superior growth at all phases.

  • Leading the way to LED.

    A future-ready blend of proprietary nutrients were developed to work best in LED spectrum.

  • Unlimited potential. Limited release.

    This small-batch nutrient is only available direct from us. Grab a bottle while you can.

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X means 10.

This one’s big. After 10 years of formulating and refining, we can now bring you a once-in-a-decade product that’s going to boost your grow like nothing else.

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