The Better Base Is Here.

DOS A+B Packaging Shop now

As simple as A+B.

More concentrated. A better price point. Already the cleanest, most stable nutrient, today’s DOS makes every part of your grow even easier.

  • A 1:1 ratio keeps it simple.

    1 lb of powder to 1 gal of water. Easy to mix. Easy to manage.

  • The Stable Solution.

    Precise PH control, compatible with all mediums.

  • Amplify Growth.

    Add Stackswell (STAX) to stimulate vegetation. Add SHINE to enhance terpene production.

  • Flexible Formula.

    Allows for maximum compatibility with all additives and supplements.

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DOS Part B 0 lb QTY 0 $0.00

Trade a sea of liquid for two powders.

Our standalone formula contains all the essential macro and micronutrients that would typically take several bottles of liquid. Powder makes everything smoother. So streamlining your grow is as simple as adding water.

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