Great flower comes from powder.

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Why powder blows liquid nutrients out of the water.

Less waste. Lower shipping cost. More consistent results. Combining ingredients into a single dry formula simplifies everything you need for the entire lifespan. Your plants have everything to gain, and you lose a ton of hassle from your grow.

See the difference

We take your plants higher.

For 10 years, our powder-based nutrients have been taking the complexity out of cannabis growing operations of all sizes, and the lush, potent blooms speak for themselves.

simple prep cannabis fertilizer
Simple Prep

Forget multi-part liquid process. Getting more from your grow is as easy as adding water.

cannabis nutrients for higher yield
High-Yield Nutrient

Get more bloom from your base. Concentrated formulas consistently lead to ample, aromatic plants.

weed fertilizer made in california
Made in California

Producing locally gives us the control to create the most dependable base available.

Chemistry is our craft.

From the beginning, we’ve worked non-stop to perfect the growing process. A passion for cultivating the best possible plant nutrients drives us to refine our products more and more every season.

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