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Hydroponic Research, is a plant nutrient manufacturer located in San Diego, California. We are the original One Part powdered nutrient. We are a small company, locally owned and operated, dedicated to bringing the best products available to indoor and outdoor growers. We are a close-knit team of well-educated and experienced individuals that have worked together to build our company from the ground up. Our sole focus is creating the finest plant powder nutrients. As growers first and foremost, we take pride in working hand in hand with the world’s most respected cultivators that rely on us to produce the finest quality flowers and herbs.


We carefully source our ingredients, utilizing food grade, pharmaceutical grade and technical grade inputs. Using proprietary, micronizing and homogenizing equipment, every batch is lab tested for consistency and purity. Our manufacturing facility in San Diego, CA is perfectly placed in the heart of the industry, where research is easily incorporated because of the location. We select our ingredients through chemical analysis to ensure the cleanest product available. We micronize our blend into a super fine powder, to maximize solubility and guarantee that the ingredients are immediately bioavailable for plant uptake. Because our fertilizers are powder, the ready-to-use mixture in the reservoir delivers the freshest nutrients available to plants. Furthermore, we minimize costs to the consumer by not shipping water. We have spent years of dedicated research to bring a nutrient to market that is highly specialized and completely unique to any other.